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印刷电路板        Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
PCB连接器        PCB Connector
线对板连接器      Wire-to-Board Connector
板对板连接器      Board-to-Board Connector
柔性扁平电缆      Flexible Flat Cable(FFC)
FFC端子    FFC Contact
FFC壳体     FFC Housing
ZIF连接器     ZIF Connector
高拔出力     High extraction force
三重插接连接器     Trio-Mate Connector
柔性电路板     Flexible Printed Circuit(FPC)
0.25mm 间距柔性印刷电路 (FPC) 连接器
0.25mm pitch Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Connector
0.3mm 间距 FPC 连接器       0.3mm Pitch FPC Connector
0.5mm 间距 FPC 连接器       0.5mm Pitch FPC Connector
1.0mm 间距 FPC 连接器        1.0mm Pitch FPC Connector
1.25mm 间距 FPC 连接器 1.25mm Pitch FPC Connector
可适应 FPC/FFC 电缆    Can accommodate FPC/FFC cable
具有 ZIF 和非 ZIF 样式    Available in ZIF and non-ZIF styles
多种引脚间距选择      Variety of centerline spacing options
采用SMT和T/H PCB端接     Available in SMT and T/H PCB termination
无需工具     Requires no tooling
低电压差分信号     Low-Voltage Differential Signaling(LVDs)


1. 这些连接器在低压差分信号 (LVDS) 和嵌入式 Display Port (eDP) 应用中都能提供卓越的性能。
These connectors provide exceptional performance in both low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) and embedded Display Port (eDP) applications.

2. 我们的PCB母端子支持线对PCB端接;我们的PCB分接头可为PCB供电。
Our PCB receptacles enable wire-to-PCB terminations; our PCB taps provide power to the PCB.

3. 当小引脚间距无法容纳较大的线对板互连时,我们的柔性印刷电缆 (FPC) 是理想的选择。
Our Flexible Printed Cable (FPC) is ideal where small centerline spacing makes larger wire-to-board interconnects impractical.

4. 在军用飞机中,我们的底板连接器可在嵌入式计算系统元件之间提供牢固连接。
In military aircraft, our backplane connectors provide rugged connections between embedded computing systems components.

5. 在消费类设备和商用设备中,我们的通用端接 (CT) 和 Mini CT 连接器可提供经济实惠的线路布线解决方案,以满足电源或信号需求。
In consumer devices and business equipment, our Common Termination (CT) and Mini CT connectors provide an economical wire routing solution for power or signal needs.

6. 在家用炉灶和烤箱中,此连接器通过半自动或自动机器与印刷电路板建立可靠的连接。
In residential stoves and ovens, this connector offers a reliable connection to the printed circuit board by means of semiautomatic or automatic machines.

7. 在移动和可穿戴设备中,我们的弹片端子可提供接地和低电压电源连接。
In mobile and wearable devices, our spring finger contacts provide grounding and low voltage power connections.

8. 借助PCB连接器,您可以灵活地自定义设计并在坚固耐用的封装中推送带宽,从而帮助您可靠地解决独特的连接难题。
With PCB connectors, you gain the flexibility to customize designs and push bandwidth in rugged packaging that helps enable you to reliably solve your unique connectivity challenges.

9. 线对板连接器将导线连接到PCB,从而实现电路之间的连接。
A wire-to-board connector connects a wire to a printed circuit board (PCB), enabling connectivity between circuits.

10. 我们的线对板连接器专注于灵活性和可靠性,适用于小尺寸插接和安全端接,产品配备了摩擦锁定机制或完全锁定机制。
Manufactured for flexibility and reliability, our wire-to-board connectors are engineered for low-profile mating and secure terminations, with products equipped with either a friction lock mechanism or a full lock mechanism.

11. 我们的LCEDI连接器在 LVDS和嵌入式 Display Port (eDP) 应用中都能提供卓越的性能。
Our LCEDI connectors offer both low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) and embedded Display Port (eDP) applications.

12. 我们的经济型电源 EP连接器具有多达12个位置,因此您的产品可以可靠地在空间受限的情况下向电路板输送电力。
Our economy power (EP) connectors are designed with up to 12 positions, so your product can reliably deliver power to the circuit board when space is limited.

13. 我们提供多连接类型或单一连接类型的PCB公端,包括螺栓安装、印刷电路安装、导线压接、测试、焊接,还包括用于快速断开应用的安装框架。
Our multiple or single connection-type PCB tabs include stud mount, printed circuit mount, wire crimp, testing, weld, and also adapters for quick disconnect applications.

14. 在灶具和烤箱等家用电器领域,我们的PCB端子在无需焊接的情况下将导线固定在电路板上,可以快速更换或维修;Grace Inertia连接器采用 2.5mm间距设计,可与我们的接头和插座可靠插接,它提供从直型单一位置接头到具有多行和 150个位置的直角接头等不同结构。
In home appliances such as cook tops and ovens, our PCB terminals fasten a wire to a board without solder, allowing quick replacement or repair; our Grace Inertia connectors with 2.5mm pitch are engineered to reliably mate with our headers and receptacles, available in different configurations from a straight, single position header to a right angle one with multiple rows and 150 positions.

15. 借助线对板连接器,您可以轻松找到满足您的应用要求的连接器。
With wire-to-board connectors, you can make the connections that meet your application requirements.

16. 线对板互连多样性
Wire-to-Board Interconnect Variety

17. 电缆无需剥线和电镀
Cable stripping and plating eliminated

18. 多压接端子的高速串行应用
High speed sequential application of multiple-crimp contacts

19. 插针、插座、卡缘和焊片端子选项
Pin, receptacle, card edge, and solder tab contact options

20. 能够混插FFC电缆和环状导线端子
Capability of intermixing FFC cable and round wire contacts

21. 单排和双排壳体:普通和锁闩
Single and double row housings: plain and latch

22. 所有引脚间距为 0.050和 0.100的 FFC 端子均采用多压接设计。Multiple-crimp design is featured on all .050 and 0.100 centerline FFC contacts.

23. 为了获得最佳的电气和机械可靠性,电缆绝缘体和导体上使用了四个压接齿。
Four crimping tines are used on the cable insulation and conductor, for optimum electrical and mechanical reliability.

24. 为了按顺序进行端接,在卷筒上以带状提供
Supplied in strip form on reels for sequential termination

25. FFC 壳体载有准备好的 FFC 电缆组件,之后可将组件与板侧接头(线对板解决方案中)或其他 FFC 电缆组件(线对线解决方案中)插接。
FFC housings are loaded with the prepared FFC cable assembly before the assembly is mated with a board side header (in wire-to-board solutions), or another FFC cable assembly (in wire-to-wire solutions).

26. 壳体有标准或超薄版本、单排或双排样式,可选择带或不带锁闩、带或不带安装耳。
Housings are available in standard or slim line, single or dual row style, with or without latching, and with or without mounting ears.

27. 插入力 (ZIF) 连接器允许轻松插入电缆并实现可靠连接。
Zero insertion force (ZIF) connectors allow for easy cable insertion and a reliable connection.

28. 接受 FFC 电缆、柔性蚀刻电路或薄膜开关电路
Accepts FFC cable, flexible etched circuitry, or membrane switch circuitry

29. 接触区域厚度为0.005 至0.015
Contact area 0.005 to 0.015 thick

30. 随着市场向小型化趋势发展,FPC 连接器便是此趋势下的开发成果,旨在应对这一不断扩大的市场所面临的挑战:迫切需要更小的引脚间距或间距空间、更薄的厚度和更轻便的互连解决方案。As the market trends towards miniaturization, FPC connectors have been developed to meet the challenges of this expanding market, which demands smaller centerline or pitch spacing, lower profile heights, and lighter interconnect solutions.

31. 采用直角和垂直安装方向 Available in right-angle and vertical mounting orientations

32. 提供具有上部(顶端),下部(末端)或双端子的直角版本
Right-angle version available with top, bottom, or dual contact

33. 用于保持 PCB 的焊盘和扭结支脚
Solder pads and kinked legs for PCB retention

34. 锁定功能提供高保持力
Locking feature provides high retention force

35. FPC连接器的研发旨在满足常日益增长的市场需求:更小的引脚间距或间距空间、更薄的厚度和更轻便的互连解决方案。
Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Connectors have been developed to meet the challenges of this expanding market, which demands smaller centerline or pitch spacing, lower profile heights, and lighter interconnect solutions.






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