编号 缩写 英文全称及说明 中文解释说明
1 0-100-30 To produce products at full volume that meet Customer  requirements with 0 recordable injuries, 0 rejected parts per million, and  100% on time delivery, 30 after launch. 使正式生产的产品满足顾客要求,并确保0可记录事故,0RPPM,100%准时交付,在投产30天内。
2 0S A abbreviation which equals to PPAP 零批量,类似于生产件批准程序
3 3/6/12MIS 3/6/12 Month in Service Incidents per Thousand Vehicle 使用3/6/12月的每千辆车故障数
4 2TP A abbreviation which means that supplier launches  pre-production to verify the production capability. GM names it as  GP9. 两日生产,指供应商进行预生产来验证其批产能力。通用称为GP9
5 3C/CCC China Compulsory Certification 中国强制认证
6 3G Go and See, Get the Fact, Grasp the Countermeasure 开展现场调查,了解问题根本原因,制定出有效措施
7 3M Muda, Mura, Mari 浪费,无稳,无理(日文)——常作改善的核查点
8 3P Position, Person, Performance 岗位,能力,绩效(付薪制度)
9 4M1E Man, Machine, Material, Method, Environment 人机料法环——现场管理五大要素,问题分析五大方面
10 5M Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measure 人员,机器,材料,方法,测量
11 5M1E Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measure, Environment 人机料法环测
12 5S 1. Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke
2. A tool to make unstable wasteful situations  become visible earlier, then to allow for quicker more effective problem  -solving.1S - Separate & Scrap, 2S- Straighten, 3S-Scrub, 4S-Standardized  and Spread, 5S-Systemize.
1. 整理,整顿,清扫,清洁,修养(日语)
2.  使不稳定因素和浪费的情况尽早地显露出来,以便快速有效地解决问题的方法。1S是分离和丢弃,2S是整理,3S是清洁,4S是标准化和推广,5S是系统化。
13 5W2H Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, How many 何人,何事,何时,何地,为何,如何,多少
14 6  Sigma 6 Sigma - Continuous improvement method that is designed to  improve products and services by improving the processes  by which they are 六西格玛——是持续改进方法之一,通过改进产品生产工艺而改进产品及服务。
15 8D 8 Discipline, Method that approach to identify and eliminate  the root cause of a problem. 问题解决的8个步骤法,明确并消除问题的根本原因的方法。
16 AAR 1. Appearance Approval Report
2. Audit Action Request
1. 外观批准报告/外观手册
2. 审核措施要求
17 ABS 1. Antilock Braking System
2. Acrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneAcrylonitrile  Butadiene Styrene
1. 制动防抱死系统
2. 丙烯腈-丁二烯-苯乙烯,一种热塑性塑料合成聚合物树脂
18 ACC Automatic Cruise Control 汽车巡航控制(系统)
19 ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line - a technology for  transmitting digital information at a high bandwidth on existing phone lines  to homes and businesses,providing continously-available, "always  on" connection,ADSL is asymmetric in that it uses most of the channel to  transmit downstream to the user and only a small part to receive  information from the user. 非对称数字用户线——在现有的电话线上以高带宽传输数字信息的一项技术,提供永远在线的连接方式。因其使用大部分信道传输下行的到达用户端的信息,只一小部分传输上行数据,所以是非对称的。
20 AFS American Foundry Standards 美国铸造标准
21 AG Automotive Group 汽车集团
22 AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle 自动导向车辆
23 AIAG Automotive Industry Action Group - AIAG is a famous global  organization which is founded by Daimler-Chrysler AG,Ford Motor Co.,General  Motors Corp.. 汽车工业行动集团——AIAG 成立于1982年,是戴姆勒-克莱斯勒 (DaimlerChrysler AG)、福特汽车  (Ford Motor Co.)、通用汽车 (General Motors Corp.) 三大汽车公司共同创建的全球公认的著名的组织。
24 AISI American Iron and Steel Institue 美国钢铁协会
25 AME Advanced Manufacturing Engineer 前期制造工程师
26 Andon A Kind of Visual Control System 暗灯系统(一种可视化的讯号系统)
27 ANOM Analysis of Means 中位数分析
28 ANOVA Analysis of Variance 方差分析
29 ANSI American National Standards Institute 美国国家标准协会
30 AOP Annual Operating Plan 年度运作计划
31 AOQ Average Outgoing Quality 平均出货质量
32 AOQL Average Outgoing Quality Limit 平均出货质量界限
33 APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning 先期产品质量策划
34 APS Advanced Planning and Scheduling 前期计划和排程
35 APW Average Production Weekly 周平均产能
36 AQE Advanced Quality Engineer 前期质量工程师
37 AQL Acceptable Quality Level 接收准则
38 AQP Advanced Quality Planning 前期质量策划
39 APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning  产品质量先期策划
40 ARR Architectural Requirements Review 外观需求评审
41 ASA American Standards Association 美国标准协会
42 ASG Automotive Systems Group - Automotive Systems Group which  belong to 汽车系统集团——江森自控公司 (JCI)下属的汽车系统集团 (ASG).
43 ASL Approved Supplier List - A list of approved suppliers qualified to supply certain types of commodities. 合格供方清单——一份列出所有被验证的有资格提供某种类型产品的供应商的清单。
44 ASN Advanced Shipping Notice, A network operation system which helps suppliers inform customers those shipping related information such as quantity, control number before shipping. 事先的发料单,指供应商应具有的一种交货提前通知的电脑连网操作系统。从而使其在出货之前,将出货资料诸如数量、货号等信息传递给客户。
45 ASP Application Services Provider - It's a company that offers    individuals or enterprises access over the Internet to applications and  related services that would otherwise have to be located in their own  personal or enterprise 应用服务提供商——一种为个人或企业级用户提供通过Internet访问应用程序或相关服务的公司。从而,上述应用程序或相关服务就不必存在于用户自己的个人电脑或企业服务器上。
46 ASQE Advanced Supplier Quality Engineer 前期供应商质量工程师
47 ASSY Assembly 总成
48 ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials 美国材料实验协会
49 ATA Anti-trap Algorithm 防夹力算法
50 ATI ATI Industrial Automation 公司名称,ATI工业自动化,主要业务为机器人末端执行器和自动化工
51 ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode - It's a dedicated-connection  switching technology that organizes digital data into 53-byte cell units and  transmits them over a physical medium using digital signal technology.  Individually, a cell is processed asynchronously relative to other related  cells and is queued before being multiplexed over the transmission  path. 异步传输模式——一种专用交换技术,它把数据分割成53字节的信  元,用数字信号通过物理介质传输。每个信元独立异步传输,且在通过复用技术传输前被排队。
52 ATS Anti Trap System 汽车天窗的安全防夹系统
53 ATT 1. Anti Trap Test
2. Actual Take Time
1. 汽车天窗的安全防夹功能的测试
2. 实际单件工时
54 AV Appraiser Variation 评价者变差
55 AW Arc welding 弧焊
56 B2B Business to Business - It's the exchange of products, services,  or information between businesses. 电子商务交流平台——是指互联网上企业间产品、服务、信息的交换
57 B2C Business to Customer - B2C is the retailing part of e-commerce  on the Internet. 企业对消费者的商务—— 是指互联网上开展的电子商务中网上零售业务部分。
58 BB Black Belt - Six sigma project coordinator 黑带——6σ项目协调人
59 BBP Best Busniess Practice 最佳业务实践
60 BBS Bulletin Board System 电子公告牌系统
61 BCM Body Control Module 车身控制模块
62 BET Business Engagement Team 业务报价团队
63 BI Business Intelligence 商务智能
64 BIOS Basic Input Output System - It's the program a personal  computer's microprocessor uses to get the computer system started after you  turn it on. It also manages data flow between the computer's operating system  and attached devices such as the hard disk, video  adapter, keyboard, mouse 基本输入输出系统——它是个人电脑微处理器用来在电源打开后启动系统的程序,同时也管理操作系统和硬盘,显卡,键盘,鼠标,打印机等附加设备之间的数据流。
65 BIW Body in White 白车身
66 BLTS Bottom Load Top Slider 汽车天窗的一种配置形式,滑轨在上部,天窗在车内滑动
67 BMG Bau Muster Genehmigung - A VW's abbreviation. 产品工程样件性能检验认可(德文)——大众汽车集团通用缩略语。
68 BOL Bill of Labor 工时清单
69 BOM Bill of Material - Diagram or record of all the components of  an item, the parent-component relationships and usage  quantities. 物料清单——所有零件,其上级零件关系和使用量的记录和图表。
70 BOS Business Operating System - The integrative management system  of JCI, US. 业务运作系统——美国江森自控汽车系统集团综合管理体系。
71 BOT Bill of Tooling 工装清单
72 BPR Business Process Reengineering 业务流程再设计
73 BR Burning Rate 燃烧速度
74 BSC Balanced Score Card 平衡计分卡
75 BSI British Standards Institute 英国标准协会
76 BSR Buzz, Squeak,and Rattle 嗡嗡,吱吱,格格的噪声
77 BTM
78 BTP Build to Print 按图施工的项目
79 BU Business Unit 业务单元
80 BUIT Business Unit Information Technology 业务单元信息技术
81 C2C Customer to Customer - Consumer self providing services or  product is it is individual worker providing services to be given to by the  form that the consumer, frequently sees other most other  consumer 消费者对消费者的商务——消费者本身提供服务或产品给其他消费者, 最常见的形态就是个人工作者提供服务给其他消费者
82 CA Change Authorization - VW names it as AEKO. 更改授权——有客户称为AEKO
83 CA&PA Correction Action and Prevention Action 纠正和预防措施
84 CAB Curtain Airbag 气帘式安全气囊
85 CAD Computer Aided Design 计算机辅助设计
86 CAE Computer Aided Engineering 计算机辅助工程
87 CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing 计算机辅助制造
88 CAPEX Capital Expenditures 资本性支出
89 CAR Capital Appropriation Request - Form established to approve  spending money for capital assets. 资本拨款申请——用于批准资本性支出的表格。
90 CARE Customer, Acceptance, Review,  Evaluation 验证岗位(顾客,接受,评审,评估)
91 CASE Computer-aided Software Engineering - It's the use of a computer-assisted method to organize and control the development of software,  especially on large, complex projects involving many software components and  people. Using CASE allows designers, code writers, testers, planners, and  managers to share a common view of where a project stands at each stage of 计算机辅助软件工程——使用计算机工具来帮助管理软件——特别是大的,复杂的,涉及很多组件和人员的项目——的开发。使用CASE可以让设计人员,开发人员,测试人员,计划人员及管理人员对项目进展的每一阶段都有一个统一的认识。
92 CAT  5 Category 5 cable used for computer connectivity 5类用于电脑连接的网线
93 CAT  6 Category 6 cable used for computer connectivity 6类用于电脑连接的网线
94 CATIA Computer-Graphics Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive  Application - Full wire frame, surface and solid modeling tool for  computer-aided design. 3-D制图软件——用计算机设计线框、曲面、实体模型的工具。
95 CATV Cable Television (Coaxial wire for sending video signals to  displays) 发送显示的视频信号的同轴线
96 CBU Customer Business Unit - A kind of  software which can help the customer to develop customer financial  strategies, evaluate business cases, review and approve customer quotes as well as to  Responsible for growth of assigned 客户业务单元——一种可以用来帮助客户发展其经济平台,估算其商 务能力,报价以及对业务发展
97 CC 1. Critical Characteristics - CC are those product requirements  (Dimensions, Specifications Tests) or process parameters which can affect  compliance with government regulations or safe Vehicle/Product Function and  which require specific producer, assembly, shipping or monitoring actions and  inclusion on the Control Plan.
2. Consolidation Center
1.  关键特性——指那些能影响政府法规符合性或车辆/产品功能安全性,且应包括在控制计划之中需要特殊生产者,装配,发运,或监控措施的产品要求(尺寸,规范,试验)或过程参数。
2. 货物集散中心——国际物流上解释为从不同供应商处取货后,再装为整箱发运
98 CCP Critical Control Point 关键控制点
99 CCW Counter Clock Wise 逆时针方向的
100 CD-ROM Compact Disk,Read Only Memory - A mass data memory system  of CD(Compact Disc) format to change CD(Compact  Disc) to DA(Digital 只读光盘——将CD转换成数字音频的CD格式大容量数据记忆系统。
101 CD-RW Compact Disk,Rewriteable - A rewriteable mass data memory  system of CD(Compact Disc) format to change CD(Compact  Disc) to DA(Digital 可擦写光盘——将CD转换成数字音频的CD格式大容量可擦写数据记忆
102 CE&T Capital Equipment and Tooling 固定资产和设备
103 CF Cash Flow 现金流
104 CFT Cross Functional Team 横向职能小组
105 CGI Common Gateway Interface - It's a standard way for a Web server  to pass a Web user's request to an application program and to receive data  back to forward to the user. 公用网关接口——Web服务器将Web用户请求传给应用程序并把返回数据传给用户的一种标准方法。
106 CHESS Corporate Health, Environmental and Safety System 安全、环境和员工健康提醒
107 Christmas  Tree Christmas Tree - Undirectional plastic pin that attaches  material to the frame with relative ease. 圣诞树——无固定方向的塑料销,用于方便地连接其他材料和骨架。
108 CID Continuous Improvement Discusstion - Be used for performance  appraisal of salary staff, the appraisal grade is U(Unacceptable), LP(Less  Than Full Performance), FP(Full Performance), E(Excellent), D(Distinguished). 持续改进讨论——用于薪水工业绩评估,评估等级分为完全不合格/低 于合格/完全合格/优秀/杰出。
109 CIF Cost Insurance Freight - The CIF technical term middle  translated term or name adds a freight , closes a deal according to this  technical term for cost increases a premium, the price of goods formation  includes the from port of shipment to harbor arranging purpose's general  freight and the premium arranging in the factor, therefore the seller gets  rid of the identical duty outside having with CFR technical term , handle  freight insurance right away for the buyer , deliver the insurance amount  paying premium , insuring according to the general customs and usages of  international trade , seller responding to according to CIF price addition  10%. Distinguish from if business both sides has not arranged concrete  danger, the coverage that the 到岸价——为成本加保险费加运费,按此术语成交,货价的构成因素中包括从装运港至约定目的港的通常运费和约定的保险费,故卖方除具有与CFR术语的相同的义务外,还就为买方办理货运保险,交支付保险费,按一般国际贸易惯例,卖方投保的保险金额应按CIF价加成  10%。如买卖双方未约定具体险别,则卖方只需取得最低限底的保险险别.
110 CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing 计算机集成制造
111 CIP Continuous Improvement Plan - CIP is prepared concurrently with  the Operational Plan and documents the actions to be taken in response to  the identified opportunities for people, process and  product improvement. 持续改进计划——持续改进计划是与运营计划同时制定的,并把识别出的对人员、工艺及产品改进机会所采取的措施文件化。
112 CKD Completely Knocked Down 完全拆缷——是以全散件形式作为进口整车车型的一种专有名词术  语,全散件可以是进口零部件,也可以是本地生产的零部件。在当地生产的零部件以较低的关税和较低的工资,利用当地劳动力组装成整
113 Cmk Machine Capability index 设备能力指数
114 CMM Coordinate Measurement Machine - An instrument used to measure  three dimensional size. 三坐标测量仪——俗称三坐标,用于测量三维尺寸的仪器。
115 CMT China Management Team 中国管理团队
116 CNC Computerized Numerically Controlled 数控成型生产小型或中型的批量较为复杂的样件
117 C-NCAP China - New Car Assessment Program 中国新车评估测试
118 COE Center of Excellence 卓越中心
119 Contribution  Margin Contribution Margin - It amounts to net sales minus variable  cost. The variable cost, namely the cost in proportion to  production or sales such as materials in concepts of western management  accounting. 边际贡献 - 公式=销售净收入(已减去折扣与折让)-变动成本
120 COP 1. Customer Oriented Process
2. Carry Over Parts
3. Curve on Panel
1. 顾客导向过程
2. 沿用件
121 COQ Cost of Quality 质量成本
122 COS Curve on Slider
123 Cp Capability Index of Process 稳定过程的能力指数,定义为容差宽度除以过程能力,不考虑过程有
124 CP Control Plan 控制计划
125 CPI 1. Combined Probability of Injury
2. Continuous Process Improvement
1. 头胸伤害组合概率(用于NCAP评价)
2. 连续改进过程
126 CPIP Current Product Improvement Process 产品改进过程
127 Cpk Complex Process Capability index - The capability index for a  stable 过程能力指数——稳定过程的能力指数。
128 CPL Complex Process Lower Index 稳定过程的下限能力指数,定义为容差范围下限除以实际过程分布宽
129 CPM Corporate Performance Management 公司绩效管理
130 CPPM Customer Parts Per Million 顾客(产品更换)百万分率
131 CPU 1. Complex Process Upper Index
2. Center Process Unit - The central chip in  computer to proceed data.
1. 稳定过程的上限能力指数,定义为容差范围上限除以实际过程分布宽度上限
2. 中央处理器——计算机中用于数据处理的核心芯片。
132 CPV 1. Cost Per Vehicle
2. Customer Product Volume
1. 每辆车索赔费用
2. 客户生产产量
133 CQD
134 CRM Customer Relationship Management 客户关系管理
135 CRP 1. Capacity Requirement Plan
2. Cost Reduction Program
1. 能力需求计划
2. 降价计划
136 CRS Child Restraint System 儿童保护系统
137 CS1 Controlled Shipping 1 一级受控发运
138 CS2 Controlled Shipping 2 二级受控发运
139 CSO Craftsmanship Sign-Off 精致工艺签发
140 CT Cycle Time 周期时间
141 CTD Cumulative Trauma Disorder - Referring to is incorrect use the  computer display or uses discomfort brought about by computer excessively, happen generally in need all the year round finesse organizes with chronic  inflammation swelling , the main nerve wound appearing on meeting under grave  condition from finesse to the arm becomes fragile , brings along pain
and the finger in the occupation using a  computer, rigid.
142 CVIS Complete Vehicle Inspection Standard 整车检验标准
143 CW Clock Wise 顺时针方向的
144 DA Deviation Authorization 临时更改授权书——在未发放正式的ECR报告前,提供临时性更改的依据文件。
145 DCP Dynamic Control Plan 动态控制计划(尺寸控制计划)
146 DDP Delivery Duty Paid 进口税已付,目的地交货
147 DF Degree of Freedom 自由度
148 DFA Design for Assembly 装配性设计
149 DFM Design for Manufacturing - Product delivery process with the  objective of attaining a product that may be easily  manufactured at a low cost. 制造性设计——从低成本、易于制造的角度进行产品设计。
150 DFMA Design for Manufacture and Assembly 制造和装配设计
151 DFMEA Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - Is a document used  to identify potential failure modes for the product. 设计的潜在失效模式分析——用于确认产品潜在失效模式的文件。
152 DHCP Dynamic Host Config Protocol - it is a communications protocol  that lets network administrators manage centrally and automate the assignment  of IP addresses in an organization's network. 动态主机配置协议——使网络管理员能够集中管理和自动分配网络IP地址的通信协议。
153 DIN Deutsches Institut fǖr Normung - Germany industry standard 德国标准化委员会(德文)——德国工业标准
154 DIY Do It Yourself - Do It Yourself (DIY) refers to the practice of  fabricating or repairing things. 自己动手——自己动手包括自己动手制造和修理东西。
155 DLL Dynamic Link Liberary - it is a  grams,  any of which can be called when needed by a larger program that is running in  the computer. The small program that lets the larger program communicate with  a specific device such as a printer or scanner is often packaged as a  DLL program (usually referred to as a DLL file). 动态链接库 -  一种随时可被大软件调用的程序包,使大程序可同打印机,扫描仪之类设备通信,通常被打包成DLL程序(通常称为DLL文件)
156 DMAIC Define/Measure/Analyze/Improve/Control - Technique where key  product- process performance variables are measured, analyzed, improved,  and  controlled using statistical methods. 定义/衡量/分析/改进/控制——使用统计方法对关键产品工艺性能变量进行衡量,分析,改进,并控制的技术。
157 DMR Discrepant Material Report 差异材料报告
158 DNS 1. Domain Network Server
2. Domain Name System - it is the way that  Internet domain name are located and translated into IP addresses.
1. 区域网络服务器
2. 域名系统——查找Internet 域名并把它翻译成IP地址的系统。
159 DOE Design of Experiments 试验设计——用应用统计方法进行策划、开展、分析和解释受控测试来评估控制变量值或变量组的因素。
160 DOH Days on Hand 存货周转周期
161 DOS Days Of Store 存货天数和库存天数
162 DOS Disk Operation System - An operating system that resides on a  disk. 磁盘操作系统——磁盘操作系统是早期个人电脑上使用的一种主要操作系统,它是一个单用户单任务的操作系统。这是一个基于磁盘管理的操作系统。与我们现在使用的操作系统最大的区别在于,它是命令行形式的,靠输入命令来进行人机对话,并通过命令的形式把指令传给计算机,让计算机实现操作的。所以操作方式也非常简单,只需输
163 DPCA Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Co. Ltd 神龙汽车有限公司
164 DRE Design Release Engineer 设计发布工程师
165 DRL Direct Run Loss 一次生产通过率损失
166 DSO Design Sign-Off 设计签发
167 DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code 故障诊断代码
168 DTS Dimensional Technical Specifications 外观技术规格
169 DUNS Data Universal Numbering System 邓氏编码
170 DV Design Validation 设计验证
171 DVP Design Verification Plan - Document describing a plan for  verifying that a product (in prototype form) will meet product  specifications. 设计验证计划——确认产品符合产品技术规格的计划。
172 DVP&R Design Verification Plan and Report 设计验证计划和报告
173 EAM Enterprise Assets Management 企业资产管理
174 EBIT Earnings Before Interest and Tax - Company profit excluding  interest and income tax. 息税前利润——指企业所有者通过经营活动后,获得销售利润;不包括利息和缴纳所得税的盈利。
175 EBOM Engineering Bill of Material 工程物料清单
176 ECE Economic Community of Europe - The Economic Commission for  Europe  (ECE) was established in 1947 to encourage  economic cooperation among its 欧共体——欧洲经济委员会成立于1947年,目的是鼓励其成员间的经济合作
177 ECM Engineering Change Management 工程变更管理
178 ECO Engineering Change Order - Includes a Change Impact Matrix to guide the implementation planning;indentifies all superseded and superseding  items and documents by type,number and revision level.Provides a high  level implementation plan for one or more approved  ECR. 工程变更指令——包括一个更改影响矩阵来指导实施计划,确定所有被取代和将要被取代的零件,并记录标明类型、数量和版本号。对一个或多个已批准的ECR发放高级别的实施计划。
179 ECP Engineering Change Process 工程更改流程
180 ECR Engineering Change Request - States the recommended action to  solve problems/initiate improvements/release  documents;defines the need for the 工程变更申请——阐述了用于解决问题/发起改进/发放文件的推荐措施,规定了变更的需要。
181 ECU Electronic Control Unit 电子控制单元
182 EDI Electronic Data Interchange - It's a standard format for  exchanging business 电子数据交换——一种交换商务数据的标准格式。
183 EFD EFD Induction 公司名称,易孚迪
184 EHS Extremely Hazardous Substances 非常有害的物质
185 ELV End of Life Vehicle 报废车辆
186 EMC Electro Magnetic Compatibility 电磁兼容性
187 EMPB Erst Muster Pruef Bericht - A VW's abbreviation. 首批样件检验报告(德文)——大众汽车集团通用缩略语。
188 EMS Environment Management System - The part of the overall  management system that includes organizational structure, planning  activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources  for developing, implementing, achieving, receiving  and maintaining the 环境管理系统——整个管理体系的一个组成部分,包括为制定、实施、实现、评审和保持环境方针所需的组织结构、计划活动、职责、惯例、程序、过程和资源。
189 EOAT End of Arm Tooling 机械手末端工具
190 EOL 1. End of Line
  2. End of Life
1. 流水线末端,线末
2. 寿命终止(可靠性术语)
191 EP Error Proofing - Removal of all potential causes of error  through design, process, or mistake proofing devices. 防错——通过设计、过程或防止出错的装置来避免所有潜在出错的可能性。
192 EPCRA Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-know Act 应急计划
193 EPDM Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer 三元乙丙橡胶,含双环戊二稀
194 EPIC Enterprise Program Information Collaboration 项目信息交流
195 EPL Engineering Parts List 工程零件表
196 ERP Enterprise Resource Planning - It's an industry term for the  broad set of activities supported by multi-module application software that  helps a manufacturer or other business manage the important parts of its  business, including product planning, parts purchasing, maintaining  inventories, interacting with suppliers, providing customer service, and  tracking orders.
ERP can also include application modules for the  finance and human
197 ERT Emergency Response Team - The team  which is to deal with the emergency occurred in the company 紧急抢险队——为对公司发生的突发事件作出迅速反应尽量减少损失而成立的队伍。
198 ESD Electro-Static Discharge - It's a method to reduce the object's  static to safety scope according to the requirement of safety,  product quality and etc. 静电放电,防静电——考虑到安全性、产品质量等要求,将相关物体包括人体的固有静电降低至安全电位范围以内的一种手段。
199 ESO Engineering Sign Off 工程签署
200 EV Equipment Variation 设备变差
201 EVA Economic Value Added 经济增加值(企业业绩评估方法)
202 EVOP Evolutionary Operation 调优运算
203 EWO Engineering Work Order - The work order  that direct TC to do design work. 工程更改——指导TC进行设计工作的工作单。
204 FAQ Frequently Asked Question - the questions which are related  with a relational high frequency 经常性问题——被提出的频率比较高的问题
205 FAT Files Allocation Table - It's a table that an operating system  maintains on a hard disk that provides a map of the cluster (the basic unit  of logical storage on a hard disk) that a file has been stored in. 文件分配表——操作系统维护在硬盘上的系统表,它提供了文件占用的簇(硬盘上基本的逻辑存储单元)的映象。
206 FCA Free Carrier 货交承运人
207 FCST Forecast 预测
208 FEA Finite Element Analysis - Mathematical method to evaluate and  predict stress and deflection in manufactured components. 有限元分析——评价和预测压力和变形的数学方法
209 FG Finished Goods 成品
210 FIFO First In First Out - One of the inventory counting principles,  often used in our country, namely the cost of inventory first in first added  in product costs, so the inventory listed in balance sheets are  close to market value. 先进先出——这是存货计价核算的原则之一(中国常用),即采用先入库的存货,先进入生产成本,使资产负债表上的存货项目更接近现行成本。
211 FMEA Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - A systematized group of  activities intended to: 1)recognize and evaluate the potential of a  product/process and its effects, 2)identify actions which could eliminate or  reduce the chance of
the potential failure occurring, and 3)document  the process.
212 FMS Flexible Manufacturing Systems 柔性制造系统
213 FMVSS Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard - Regulates all  automotive lighting, signalling and reflective devices in the United States.  Like all other Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, FMVSS is administered  by the United States Department of Transportation's National  Highway Traffic Safety 车辆安全标准——美国调控所有汽车照明设备,发信号和反射性设备。象所有其它联邦机动车安全标准,FMVSS由美国运输部国道交通安全管理执行。
214 FOB Free on Board - The total cost of the suppliers who are in charge of carrying the goods from the plant to the ship 离岸价——供应商负责把货物从工厂运到船上的费用,这里包括拖柜费用、报关和租仓(如果存放时间比较久)的费用算在内的价格。
215 FPIR First Piece Inspection Report 首件检查报告
216 FRW Friction welding 摩擦焊
217 FSB Front Seat Back - The backrest of the front seat of a car 前排座椅靠背——汽车前排座椅的靠背
218 FSC Front Seat Cushion - The cusion of the front seat of a car 前排座椅座垫——汽车前排座椅的坐垫
219 FSO Financial Sign-Off 财务签发
220 FTA Fault Tree Analysis 故障树分析
221 FTE Full Time Employee
222 FTP File Transmission Protocol - It's a standard Internet protocol,  is the simplest way to exchange files between computers. 文件传输协议,标准的互联网协议——标准的互联网协议,是因特网 上两个计算机间交换文件最简单的方式。
223 FTQ First Time Quality 一次合格率
224 FTT First Time Through 首次合格率
225 FW Flash welding 闪光焊
226 FY Fiscal Year - The fiscal year of all enterprises is  corresponding to national accounting regulations, according to the rules of  national financial department. The date of our country is from January 1 to  December 31, western country is from April 1(or October 1) to March 31 next  year(or
Sep.30), a few countries is from July 1 to June  30 next year.
会计年度——是根据每个国家的财政部规定的财政收支的年度。所有企事业会计核算年度必须与国家规定的会计核算的起迄日期一致。我国会计年度规定是从每年1月1日至12月31日。西方国家有从4月1日起  (也常有是10月1日起)到下一年度3月31日(则到9月30日)至。少数国家是从每年7月1日起至下一年度的6月30日。
227 FYI For Your Information 供你参考
228 G&A General and Administrative Costs 一般费用与行政费用
229 GA General Assembly 通用的装配
230 GB Guo Biao 国家标准(中文)
231 GCA Global Customer Audit 全球客户评分 (通用汽车全球汽车评分标准)——模拟顾客的眼光,对可售车辆的质量状况进行评定。GCA规范仅适合于全球GM系统所有汽车制造厂,它规定了车辆抽样方案、设施要求、评审项目、评定方
232 GD&T Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing - Method to minimize production costs by showing the dimension and tolerancing  on a drawing while considering the functions or relationships of part features. 几何尺寸与公差——在考虑零件功能或匹配关系时,通过在图纸上标明尺寸和公差来减少生产成本的方法。
233 GDS 1. Global Delivery Survey
2. Global Delivery System
1. 全球交付审查
2. 全球搬运系统
234 GM General Motors - General Motors Corporation (GM) is the world's  largest full-line vehicle manufacturer and marketer. Its arsenal of brands  includes Chevrolet,  Buick, Cadillac, Saturn, and Holden comprise GM's international 通用(美国)——通用汽车公司是世界上最大的汽车交通工具制造商和销售商。雪佛兰,别克,凯迪拉克等一系列车型构成了通用汽车的国际品牌。
235 GMAW Gas Metal Arc Welding 熔化极气体保护电弧焊
236 GMAW-P Gas Metal Arc Welding - Pulsed 熔化极气体保护脉冲电弧焊
237 GMAW-S Gas Metal Arc Welding - Short-circuit Arc 熔化极气体保护短路过度电弧焊
238 GMS Global Manufacturing System 全球制造系统
239 GP General Procedure 通用程序
240 GPC Gage Performance Curve - Used for measuring the repeatability  and variation
of gage.
241 GPDS Global Product Development System 团队评估
242 GPS Global Positioning System 全球定位系统
243 GQTS Global Quality Tracking System 全球质量跟踪系统
244 GR&R Gauge Repeatability & Reproducibility 量具(检具)重复性和再现性
245 GSM Global System for Mobil Communication - A digital cellular  phone technology based on TDMA that is the predominant system in Europe, but also used worldwide. Developed in the 1980s, GSM was first deployed in seven  European countries in 1992. It operates in the 900MHz and 1.8GHz  bands in Europe and the 1.9GHz PCS band in the  U.S. 全球移动通讯系统——一种基于时分多址技术的数字蜂窝电话技术,最先在欧洲应用,现在已经在全球范围内广泛应用。从20世纪80年代开始发展,GSM于1992年首先在七个欧洲国家实施应用,在欧洲使用  900MHz和1.8GHz两个波段,在美国使用1.9GHz波段。
246 GST Gross Sales Tax 销售总额税
247 GVDP Global Vehicle Development Process 整车开发流程
248 GVW Gross Vehicle Weight 车辆总重
249 HMC Hyundai Manufacturing Company 韩国现代
250 HMI Human Machine Interface 人机界面
251 HR Human Resources 人力资源
252 HSE Health Safety Environment 职业健康和环境与安全体系
253 HTKO Hard Tooling Kick-off 硬模启动
254 HTML Hyper Text Markup Language - it is the set of markup symbols or  codes inserted in a file intended for display on a  World Wide Web browser page. 超文本标识语言——一组被插入在可用Web浏览器显示的文件中的标识符号或代码的集合
255 HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning 加热、通风和空气调节
256 I/O Input/Output 输入/输出
257 ICT Information Communication Technology 信息、通信和技术,在线测试仪
258 IDC International Data Company 国际数据公司
259 IDF Intermediate Distribution Frame 电脑网络下部构造的中间配线架
260 IDP Individual Development Plan -Be used for career development of  salary 个人发展计划——用于薪水工职业发展。
261 IE Industrial Engineering 工业工程
262 IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification 美国国家标准,它使得图形和基本几何数据可在绘图和造型系统之间
263 ILUO Hourly skill assessment standard  - ILUO describes the skill level, I-  undergoing training with constant supervision,L-be able to operate but  requires some  supervision, U-consistently  operates without supervision,O-understanding and complies with standard,φ-be a  trainer 小时工技能评估标准——ILUO描述了员工技能的不同等级和水平,I需培训并经常监督指导,L能操作但需偶尔指导,U无需指导即能进行操作,O理解并遵循标准,φ完全可以作培训员。
264 IMDS International Material Data System 国际材料数据系统(汽车行业)
265 IMT Inalfa Management Team 英纳法管理团队
266 IP 1. Instrument Panel
2. Investment Proposal
3. Internet Phone - Internet Phone is one kind  of telegraphic commercial software based on internet, which can transmit  voice via networks.
1. 仪表板
2. 投资假设
3. 网络电话——网络电话是一种结构在互联网络上用语音交谈的通信商业软件,可以实现网上实时交谈。
267 IPA Iso-propyl Alcohol, Isopropanol 异丙醇
268 IPC

1. Integrated Production Control (Software for Shop  Floor

2. Initial Production Containment - Special  production control during the period from PPAP to SOP to ensure product  quality, such as 100% inspection, increasing spot check, GM names it as  GP-12.

1. 综合生产控制(用于工厂的软件)
2.  初始生产抑制或早期生产遏制——指从PPAP到SOP期间进行的特别生产质量控制。如100%全数检查,增加抽查频次,通用公司将其简称为GP-12。
269 IPPM Inner (Internal) Parts per Million 内部(产品缺陷)百万分率
270 IPTV Incidents per Thousand Vehicles 每千辆车故障数
271 IPV Internal Product Volume 内部生产产量
272 IR Incident Report 事故报告
273 IRR Internal Rate of Return - The investment decision-making is  based on discount rate by measuring the current value of future cash flow in  and
consulting the interest rate of the bank.
274 IRS Inalfa Roof System 英纳法天窗系统
275 ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network - It's a set of standards for digital transmission over ordinary telephone copper wire as well as over  other media.  Integrated Services  Digital Network in concept is the integration of both analog or voice data together with digital  data over the same network. 综合服务数字网络——一组通过普通电话线或其它介质传输数字信号的标准。综合业务数字网从概念上说是把语音或模拟信号同数字信号集成于同一网络。
276 ISIR Initial Sample Inspection Report 初始样件检验报告
277 ISO International Standards Organization - Including different  kinds of technical standardization for every walk of life. The organization  aims at promoting the standardization and the development of relevant  activities in worldwide, for
   the consideration of convenience in  international exchange of commodity
278 ISO/TS16949 ISO/TS16949 - International automotive quality system  requirements 国际汽车行业质量体系标准
279 ISO14001 ISO14001 - Environment Management System Standard 环境管理体系标准
280 ISO9001 ISO9001 - International quality system requirements 国际质量体系标准
281 ISP Internet Services Provider - It's a company that provides  individuals and other companies access to the Internet and other  related services such as Web site building and virtual hosting. 互联网服务提供商——一种为个人或企业级用户提供Internet接入或其它相关服务如Web网站架设和虚拟主机服务的公司。
282 ISR Initial Sample Report 初始样件报告
283 ISW Initial Sample Warrant 初始样件保证书
284 IT Information Technology 信息技术
285 ITR Inventroy Turnover Rate 库存周转率
286 IVER Integration Vehicle Engineering Release 集成车工程发布
287 IW Induction welding 感应焊
288 J-clip J-clip - Plastic trim fastener in shape of J . J型条——像J形状的塑料紧固条。
289 JCMS Johnson Controls manufacturing system - JCMS originates from  Toyota Lean Manufacturing System which includes 5S/Visual management,  standardized work, problem solving, kaizen, constraint management,  quick changeover, total productive maintenance,  kanban, error proofing, etc. 江森自控制造体系——源自丰田汽车创立的精益生产体系,包括5S和可视化管理、标准化工作、问题解决、改善、制约管理、快速切换、全员生产维护、看板和防错等工具。
290 JD Job Description 岗位描述
291 JD Job Description - The job's responsibility, knowledge and skill  requirement, qualifications,his/her boss and etc. 岗位描述——该岗位的工作职责、知识及技能要求、资格要求、汇报责任等。
292 JIS Job Instruction Sheets 作业指导书
293 JIT Just in Time - A production and inventory method popularized by  the Japanese whereby materials and supplies are delivered to the production  site at the precise time they are needed rather than being stockpiled in  a warehouse at the production site for a future  need. 及时供货——一种由日本人推广普及的生产和库存方式。它的理念是将原材料和供应品准时地按照客户要求发送到生产地点,而不是储存在生产所在地的仓库中以备后用。
294 Kaizen Improve - Incremental, measurable continuous improvement.  Technique reflected by on-going, incremental small changes  that have positive impact. 改善(日语)——持续的、可量度的持续改进。通过有正面影响的、不断进行中的、增值的小的改变反映出的技术
295 Kanban Authorization to make product-using cards, signals, or similar  mechanisms to communicate process demand upstream. 看板(日语),利用卡片、信号或其它类似的机制来与生产过程的上游联络,从而授权生产。工厂现场管理展示各种信息的展示板的统称
296 KCC Key Control Characteristics 关键控制特性
297 KCDS Key Characteristic Designation System 关键特性标识系统
298 Kick-off  Meeting Kick-off Meeting  - The  first meeting to start a new project. 项目启动会议——一个项目启动时开的第一次会议。
299 KM Knowledge Management 知识管理
300 KPC Key Product Characteristics - A product characteristic for  which reasonably anticipated variation could significantly affect the  product's safety or its compliance with government regulations and is likely  to significantly affect customer satisfaction. 关键产品特性——指该性能的合理预期偏差会对产品的安全性、符合国家规范或法规以及用户的满意产生极大的影响。
301 KPH Kilometers per Hour 公里/小时
302 KPI Key Performance Indicator 关键绩效指标
303 LAN Local Area Network - A compunication net formed by  interconnections of various computers, peripheral equipments and databases  within an local area. It is always used to link personal computers and  workstation in an office or a plant so as to share resource(eg.printer) and  exchange information. 局域网——是在一个局部的地理范围内,将各种计算机、外围设备、数据库等互相连接起来组成的计算机通信网。常被用于连接公司办公室或工厂里的个人计算机和工作站,以便共享资源(如打印机)和交换信息。
304 LAT Lot  Acceptance Testing 批量可接受试验
305 LBC Laser beam cutting 激光切割
306 LBW Laser beam welding 激光焊
307 LCL Lower Control Limit 下控制限
308 LCR Lean Capacity Rate 正常生产能力
309 LDT Launch Deployment Team 信息技术中启动部署团队
310 Lead  Time Lead Time - The duration from confirming order to product  delivery. 准备时间——定单确认至交货的时间。
311 LEPC Local Emergency Planning Committee 本地应急情况编制委员会
312 LEV Low Emissions Vehicle 低排放车
313 LH Left Hand 左手
314 LIFO Last in first out - One of the inventory counting principles  often used in western countries, it allows the enterprise adds the cost of  inventory last into sales cost first, and so the sales cost is close  to maket value while the price 后进先出——这是常用于西方国家存货计价核算的原则。允许企业为了减少风险,把后入库的存货先进入销售成本。这样在物价上升时,使销货成本更接近于现行成本。
315 LIN Local Interconnect Network 局域互联网络
316 LMC Least Material Condition 最小量材料条件
317 LPA Layered Process Audit - Layered Process Audits (LPA) are a  system of audits performed by multiple levels of management. Key process  characteristics are audited frequently to verify process  conformance. 分层审核——分层过程审核(LPA)是由多个管理层进行的系统审核。对
318 LRR Launch Readiness Report 投产准备报告
319 LSL Lower Size Limit
Lower Specification Limit
320 LTA Long Term Agreement 长期降价计划
321 LTL Long Term Lease 长期的协议
322 LVDT Linear Variable Differential Transformer 线性可变差动变压器,属于直线位移传感器
323 MA Math Matching 数模匹配
324 MARS Measurement Analysis and Reporting Systems 测量分析和报告系统
325 MB Match Body 车身匹配
326 MBOM Manufacture Bill of Material 制造物料清单
327 MC Matching Activity 匹配性评估活动
328 MCR Maximum Capacity Rate 最大生产能力
329 MDDR/DMR Material Defective Data Report 缺陷产品数据报告
330 ME Manufacturing Engineer 制造工程师
331 MEQ Manufacturing Engineering Quality Standard - The goal of MEQ is  to achieve zero defect, 100 percent efficiency  within thirty days after SOP. 制造工程质量标准——MEQ的目标是0-100-30,即在开始生产的三十天内达到零缺陷和百分之一百效率。
332 MES Manufacture Executive System 制造执行系统
333 MI Measure Index 尺寸符合率
334 Milestone Milestone - The deadline we must finish the related job. 时间节点——我们必须完成相关工作的时间期限。
335 MIS Management Information System - Ergonomic system which can  provide the information service for the management decision-making,  establishes with the systemic ideology,take the computer as the basic  information processing method,and take the modern communication equipmeny as  basical
   transmission implement.
336 Misc. Miscellaneous expenses/Petty - Miscellaneous payout that is not  on plan. 零星费用——不纳入报告计划的零散开销费用。
337 MMC Maximum Material Condition 最大量材料条件
338 MMS Materials Management System - A system aim to accurately  reflects all material suppliers and components/material data. 材料管理系统——用于精确反映所用材料供应商和零件/材料数据的系统。
339 MOS Manufacture Operation System - Describe the processes used for  product manufacturing in BOS. 生产运作系统——BOS中描述产品制造使用的流程。
340 MPD Measurement Points Drawing 测点图
341 MPG Miles per Gallon 每加仑英里数
342 MPH Miles per Hour 每小时英里数
343 MPS Master Productin Schedule 主生产计划
344 MPV Multi Purpose Vehicle 多用途车
345 MQA Manufacture Quality Assurance 制造品质保证
346 MQC Manufacturing Quality Control 制造质量控制
347 MQR Material Quality Review - Quality Management actions taken due  to supplier product quality problems. 物料质量评审——由于供应商产生的质量问题而采取的质量管理行动
348 MRD Material Receipt Date 物料到货时间
349 MRF Manufacturing Readiness Review 制造准备工作评审
350 MRO Maintenance, Repair and Operations 维护,维修和操作
351 MRP 1. Material Requirements Planning - Establishing and reviewing scheduling parameters for supplied components/materials.Communicating  accurate and timely material requirements to each material supplier.
2. Manufacturing Resource Planning - It's a kind  of management information system widely accepted by manufacturers today and  an important part of Enterpise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which focuses  on the planning
   and control of industrial process and represents  the integration of cash flow
1. 物料需求计划——对供给的零件/材料建立和回顾时序安排参数。对每个材料供应商提供准确的信息和及时的材料要求。
2.  生产资源规化——是当今制造业普遍采用的一种以工业工程的计划和控制为主线的、体现物流与资金流集成的管理信息系统,是企业资源计划(ERP)的重要组成部分。
352 MSA 1. Measurement Systems Analysis - The analysis to a complete  process used to obtain measurements.
2. Master Supply Agreement - The contract  includes information about price, frequency of delivering goods, convention of  secrecy, etc., which is subscribed before the business with the customer.
1. 测量系统分析——通过对获得测量结果的整个过程进行分析和评定,以选择适用的测量系统。
2. 主供货协议——和客户进行货物买卖之前签订的一个有关价格、送货频次、保密协定等的合同。
353 MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet - Recorded all those information  relating to the material or product to make them to be used correctly and  safely. Those information includes physical and chemical characters, fire and  explosion protection, Health and saftey, leak and  disposal, sepecial caution and so on. 物料安全数据表——用来描述某中材料或产品的各项信息以确保其被正确安全地使用。信息一般包括其物理和化学性质、防爆防火、健康安全信息、泄漏和废弃处置以及和特殊警告防护信息等。
354 MSO Manufacturing Sign-Off 制造签发
355 MTBF Mean Time Between Failures 平均故障间隔时间(常用设备参数之一)
356 MTTR Mean Time To Repair 平均修复时间(常用设备参数之一)
357 MY Model Year - The model year during which the program will  launch. 车型年——在车型年中项目启动。
358 MY Model Year 产品年
359 N/A Not Applicable 不适用
360 NA North America 北美
361 NC Numerically Controlled 数控
362 NCAP New Car Assessment Program 欧洲新车评估测试
363 NDT Non destructive Testing 非破坏性试验和评估
364 NG No Good - A term used in Japan. 不好——一日本术语。
365 NI National Instrument 美国国家仪器公司,公司名称,主要业务为数据测试设备
366 NPV Net Present Value - return an investment based on a discount  rate and a  sense of future payment (negative values) and  income (positive values) 净现值——将投资期间每年的投资支出与投资后的收益的净额,按照符合客观的现值率计算出(净流入或流出的)净现值。
367 NS Not Sale 新产品试制非销售阶段
368 NVA Non Value Added 非增值
369 NVH Noise Vibration and Harshness 噪声,振动与不平顺性
370 OCS Occupant Control Sensor 用于座椅是否被坐着的控制传感器
371 ODS Operator Description Sheets - Operation description sheet is  the document which tell how to do something with in details.It tells you the  way and requirement which must be done of certain  position,job or activity. 作业指导书——作业指导文件是详细规定某项活动如何进行的文件。主要针对某个特定的岗位、工作或活动规定完成此项工作或活动必须达到的要求和方法。
372 OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness 设备综合效率
373 OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer - The roiginal equipment  manufacturer is the one which has its own production or own  productive technology and sometime buy the service of other company to finsh  its production. 原始设备制造厂/主机厂——  设备制造商(OEM)是指拥有自己的产品或产品理念,但有时会为了开发和/或制造这些产品而购买某些服务的公司。
374 OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series - To manage  all occupational safety and health risk relating to business, which includes  plan, implement, achieve, audit and maintain the organization, planning  acitvity, responsiblity, pratices, procedure, process and  resource for the OHS policy. 职业健康安全管理评价体系——组织全部管理体系中专门管理与其业务相关的职业安全卫生风险的部分,包括制定、实施、实现、评审和保持职业安全卫生方针所需的组织机构、规划活动、职责、惯例、程序、过程和资源。
375 OIL Open Issue List 开口问题清单
376 Organization  Chart Organization Chart - The chart descript the realationship of  the clerks, departments and groups. 组织机构图——表示人员,部门,群组关系的图表。
377 OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Administration 职业安全和健康管理
378 OTD On Time Delivery 及时供货
379 OTS Off Tooling Sample - OTS parts are made out of production dies  with production tooling fixtures and production checking fixtures. It is  assembled at the selected local supplier and bench test validated. It should  have same localized content as SORP.The parts could utilize simulated  production processes to manufacture. Production machine and  production line rate are 工装样件——指采用生产用模具、检夹具,在当地制造并经台架试验合格的零部件;其国产化率应与正式生产件相同,但可以采用模拟生产工艺、不用生产用的机床设备、不按生产节拍。
380 PA Programe Approve 项目批准
381 PA6 Polyamide-6 聚酰胺6或尼龙6
382 PAA Production Action Authorization 生产行动授权
383 PARETO A kind of chart Pareto图,排列图,按事件发生的频率排序而成
384 PBX Private Branch Exchange - It's a telephone system within an  enterprise that switches calls between enterprise users on local  lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone  lines. 用户级交换机——即公司内部使用的电话业务网络,一种公司内部的电话系统,能够交换公司内线电话,同时容许所有用户共享几根外线。
385 PC&L Production Control & Logistics Dept. 生产控制与物流部(上海通用物流部门)
386 PCB Printd Circuit Board 印刷电路板
387 PCBA Printed Circuit Board Assembly 印刷电路板组件
388 PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect - PCI is an interconnection  system between a microprocessor and attached devices in which expansion slot  are spaced closely for high speed operation. 周边元件扩展接口——PCI是微处理器同附属设备的一种连接系统,这
389 PCMCIA Personal Computer Member Card Internet Association - It's an industry group to promote standards for a credit card-size memory or I/O  device that would fit into a personal computer, usually a notebook or laptop  computer. Probably the most common example of a PCMCIA card is the 28.8  Kbps modem for notebook computers. 个人计算机存储卡国际协会——一个工业组织,致力于促进一种可插入个人电脑,通常是笔记本电脑的,信用卡大小的内存或I/O设备的标准化。最常用的PCMCIA卡可能就是笔记本电脑用的28.8K的modem。
390 PCP Process Control Plan 过程控制计划
391 PCPA Process Control Plan Audit 过程控制计划审核
392 PCR 1. Product Cost Request
2. Problem Communication Report
1. 产品成本申请
2. 问题交流报告——PCR报告是对一个问题所有相关事实因素的综合陈述,它有助于我们说明问题的Who What When Where  Why五个方面。它为记录问题的解决措施提供了书面格式。
393 PCS Pieces 块、件、片等
394 PD-1 PD-1 (Project Definition) 方案定义
395 PD-2 PD-2 (Engineering Cost Analysis) 工程成本分析
396 PDA 1. Physical Defination Analysis
2. Personal Digital Assistant - It is a term for  any small mobile hand-held device that provides computing and information  storage and retrieval capabilities for personal or business use, often for  keeping schedule calendars and address book information handy.
1. 物理特性分析
2. 个人数字助理——指为个人用户或商业用户提供计算、信息存储的小型移动手持设备,通常有记事本和地址簿功能。
397 PDCA Plan Do Check Act - Previding a progressive measure to a  process, do it, check the result and take a suitable action to  improve it. 计划-实施-检查-行动循环——一个以科学方法为基础的改善循环。对 一个过程提出改善方案,实施这个方案,评测结果,然后再采取适当
398 PDF 1. Portable Document Format
2. Packaging Data Forms
1. 一种文件格式
2. 包装数据表
399 PDFSS Product Development for Six Sigma - The utilization of  statistical methods and tools to predict and improve qualtiy before building  prototypes, and then verifying that quality with pilots,  pre-production and production units. 产品开发六西格玛——使用统计方法和工具在制造样品前来预计和改善质量,然后以小批量试生产和生产件来确认其质量。
400 PDI Pre-Delivery Inspection 发运前检查
401 PDM Product Data Management - PDM systems are used within companies to organize, access and manage information related to its products.PDM system  serve all the people who create or need timely access to accurate  product information in design, engineering and  manufacturing. 产品数据管理——用于组织、获得和管理产品相关信息的系统,可以及时服务于设计、工程和制造相关人员创立或是获得产品信息。
402 PDS 1. Production Development System
2. Physical Defination System
1. 产品开发系统
2. 物料特性系统
403 PE Product Engineering 产品工程
404 PEIL Potential Environmental Issues List - A list contains any  potential ergonomic
   issue of a project.
405 PET 1. Program Executive Team
2. Polyethylene Terephthalate Plastic
1. 项目执行小组
2. 聚对苯二甲酸乙二醇脂塑料
406 PF&D Personal Fatigue & Delays 个人,疲劳和延迟
407 PFD Process Flow Diagram 过程流程图
408 PFEP Plan for Every Part 单一零件清单
409 PFMEA Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - Is a document used  to identify  potential failure modes for the process. 过程的潜在失效模式分析——用于确认过程潜在失效模式的文件
410 PHIL Potential Hazards Issues List 潜在安全问题清单
411 PI Process  Index 过程能力符合指数
412 PIFF Program Initiation Feasibility Form 项目初始可行性分析报告
413 PKR Program Knowledge Review 项目知识评审
414 PLC Programmable Logic Controller 可编程的逻辑控制器
415 PLM Product Lifecycle Management 产品生命周期管理
416 PLP Program Launch Process 项目投产流程
417 Plt Plant 工厂/车间
418 Plt  Mgr Plant Manager 工厂经理
419 PLUS Product Launch System - Describe the steps for product or  process
   development in BOS.
420 PM 1. Preventative Maintenance - Maintain instrument or equipment  periodical before it comes to   malfunction to insure it works properly.
2. Program Management
1. 预防性维修——在设备发生故障前定期的保养以保证设备的正常运行。
2. 项目管理
421 PMP Product Management Plan 生产管制计划
422 PN Part Number - The incode to indicate the part. 零件号——用以表示识别零件的。
423 PO Purchase Order - A purchase agreement in form of sheet with  supplier. 采购订单——与供应商之间达成的一种书面化的采购协议。
424 PODS Passanger  Oppenancy Detection System 乘客是否坐着的探测系统
425 Poka  Yoke Error proofing device 防错
426 POM Polyoxymethylene 聚甲醛,一种没有侧链,高密度,高结晶性的线型聚合物
427 Pp Preliminary Process Performance, Performance Index of Process 初始过程性能——过程性能指数,定义为不考虑过程有无偏移时,容差范围除以过程性能
428 PPA Product Planning Approval 产品规划批准
429 PPAP Production Part Approval Process - To determine if all customer  engineering design record and specification requirements are properly  understood by the supplier and that the process has the potential to produce  product meeting these requirements during an actual production  run at quoted production 生产零件批准过程——用来确定客户工程设计记录和规格要求被供应商恰当地理解;同时,在实际生产中,在要求的生产速率下,工艺具备制造达标产品的潜力。
430 PPC Production Plan Control 生产计划控制
431 PPE Personal Protective Equipment - It is a protection equipment  that can protect labour from accidents. 个人防护设备——指劳动者在生产过程中为免遭或减轻事故伤害或职业危害的所配备的一种防护性装备。
432 PPH Problems per Hundred 每百辆车的问题
433 PPHR Past Problem History Roadmap 以往问题历史路径图
434 Ppk Preliminary Process Capability - Short-term study conducted to  obtain early information on the performance of new or revised  processes . 初始过程能力——开展短期研究来获得有关新或更改的工艺表现的早期信息。
435 PPM Parts per Million - number/1000000. (产品缺陷)百万分率——数值/1000000得出的比例。
436 PPSC Potential  Product Safety Concern - Any potential  safety/compliance issue 潜在产品安全关注——任何潜在的安全/符合性问题
437 PQPT Production Quality Plan Team 产品质量策划小组
438 PR Performance Review 绩效评估
439 PR&R Problem Reporting and Resolution 问题报告和决议(通用汽车问题解决的一种形式)
440 Process  Flow Chart Process Flow Chart - Visual approach to describing and  developing sequential or related work activities. It provides both a means  of communication and analysis for planning,  development activities and 工艺流程图——用视觉图表来描述和开发相关工作活动,以提供策划、开发活动和制造过程交流和分析方法。
441 Prototype Prototype - Parts are to be made to authorized drawings,  templates, models, and/or other engineering design records, using specified  materials. Prototype Samples manufacturing conditions could be different from  regular  production requyirements, such as soft tooling,  simplified fixture,...etc. 手工样品——按认可的图纸、样板、模型和/或其它工程设计资料,使用指定的材料制造的样件。样件可按某些不同于正规生产要求的方法制造,如使用软模具,简易夹具等。样件用于认证设计。
442 PRP Product Realization Plan 产品实现计划
443 PRTS Problem Resolution & Tracking System 问题解决和跟踪系统
444 PSA Potential Supplier Assessment 潜在供应商评估
445 PSD Problem Solving Document - Systematic problem sloving method  form of
   JCI, eg. 8D.
问题解决报告 - 问题系统解决方法表式,如8D。
446 PSO Process Sign-off - PSO originated from Daimler-Chysler is a  process audit on people, machine, material, method, enviroment, process,  software, fixture and tooling and so on under the condition of supplier  highest daily production speed. 过程签发(工艺认证)——源于戴姆勒克莱斯勒,是对供应商实施的最高日生产节拍下的生产工艺审核。包括人、机、料、法、环、程序、软件和工装等。
447 PSW Parts Submission Warrant 零件提交保证书
448 PTR Production Trail Run 生产试运行——在产品SOP之前对产品的工艺及生产设备和生产人员的
449 PV 1. Product Validation - Analysis performed to verify  conformance to all specification requirements when product is constructed  using production processes, equipment and tools.
2. Parts Variation
3. Present Value - valued by current value
1. 生产验证——进行分析来确认所有技术规格要求的一致性,测试用产品应使用批量生产过程、设备和工装来制造。
2. 零件变差
3. 现值——换算至目前的价值
450 PVS Produktions Versuchs Serie - A VW's abbreviation. 批量试生产(德文)——大众汽车集团通用缩略语。
451 PXI PCI extensions for Instrumentation 面向仪器系统的PCI扩展,是一种由NI公司发布的坚固的基于PC的测
452 QA Quality Assurance 质量保证
453 QAD An EPR System Company Name 一个EPR软件公司名称
454 QAP Quality Assurance Planning 质量保证计划
455 QC Quality Control 质量控制
456 QCC Quality Control Circles 质量圈
457 QCO Quality Change Over 快速切换
458 QCOS Quality Control Operation Sheets 质量记录表
459 QE Quality Engineer 质量工程师
460 QFD Quality Function Deployment - A structured method in which  customer requirements are translated into appropriate technical requirements  for each stage of product, development and production. 质量功能展开——是一种结构化的方法,用这种方法把顾客的要求转化为产品每一个阶段(开发和生产)适当的技术要求。
461 QM Quality Management 质量管理
462 QOS Quality Operation System 质量运作系统
463 QPN Qualifizierungs Programm Neuteile 新零件质量提升计划(德文)
464 QS Quality System 质量体系
465 QS-9000 QS-9000 - Quality system requiements of American big three 美国三大汽车公司质量体系标准
466 QSA Quality System Assessment - A manual which is used for  idenifying the system is compliance with the QS9000 system  requirements or not. 质量系统评估——用于确定体系是否符合QS9000质量体系的要求。
467 QSB Quality System Basic Audit 质量体系基础评审(通用)
468 QSR Quality System Requirements 质量体系要求
469 QSTP Quality, Service, Technic, Price 质量,服务,技术,价格
470 Qty Quantity 数量
471 QUEST Quality Excellence and Systems Training 质量卓越和体系培训
472 QWS Quotation Work Sheet 报价工作表
473 R&R Repeatablility And Reproductivity - Repeatability is the  variation in measurements obtained with one gage when used several times by  one appraiser while measuring a characeristic on one part. Reproducibility is  the variation in the average of the measurements made by different  appraisers using the same gage when measuring a  characteristic on one part. 重复性和再现性——重复性是由一个评价人,采用一种测量仪器,多次测量同一零件的同一特性时获得的测量值变差。再现性是由不同的评价人,采用相同的测量仪器,测量同一零件的同一特性时测量平均值的变差。
474 R@R Run at Rate - It’s to run according to the client’s requirement  rate, so the equipoise production can come true. 节拍生产——按照客户的要货节拍进行生产,以保持各工序和产品生产的节奏性,实现均衡生产。
475 RAB Registrar Accreditation Board 注册认证局
476 RAM Random Access Memory 随机存取存储器
477 Ramp-up Ramp-up - The time the program takes to get to normal speed. 爬坡——增量或渐进, 即无须等待时间,直接执行或实现。
478 RAP function
479 RCRA Resource Conservation & Recovery Act 资源保持和恢复
480 RDC 1. Regional Distribution Center
2. Re-Delivery Center
1. 区域配送中心
2. 重新分包装中心(上海通用物流仓库的通称)
481 RFID Radio Frequency Identification 无线射频识别技术
482 RFP Request for Proposal 建议请求
483 RFQ Request for Quotation - The tabulation used to inquire the  price of production or material. 报价需求表——用来询问产品或者原料价格的表格。
484 RH Right Hand 右手
485 RMS 1. Resource Management System
2. Root Mean Square
1. 资源管理系统
2. 均方根值
486 ROA Return on Assets - EBIT/NOA 资产回报/盈利率——公式:息税前利润除以全部资产的百分率
487 ROHS the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances 电气、电子设备中限制使用某些有害物质指令
488 ROS Return on Sales - EBIT/SALES 销售回报率——公式:息税前利润除以年销售总额的百分率
489 RPM Revolutions per Minute 每分钟转速
490 RPN Risk Priority Number - RPN is the product of Severity(S),  Occurrence(O), and Detection(D) rankings. 风险顺序数——风险顺序数(RPN)是严重度数(S),频度数(O)和不易探 测度数(D)的乘积。
491 RPPM Reject Parts per Million - The number of production that  customer reject to accept and this number is calculated per  million. 客户拒收百万分率——每百万件产品中客户拒绝接受的数目。
492 RPSR Robust Problem Solving Report 根本问题解决报告
493 RSB Rear Seat Back - Rear Row Seat Back 后座椅靠背——后排座椅靠背。
494 RSO Requirements Sign-Off 需求签发
495 RSW Resistance Spot Welding 点焊
496 RTTR Resource Tool Tracking Report 设备资源跟踪报告
497 RTY Rolled Throughput Yield - The computation of RTY provides a  method to identify opportunities for improvement and to characterize the process steps which will unveil the hidden factory. 滚动产出率——RTY的计算提供了一种识别改进机会的方法和突显出能揭露隐藏工厂的步骤。
498 S&R Squeak & Rattle 车辆行驶时摩擦、振动噪音,泛指异响
499 S.W.I.P.E. Standard, Workpiece, Instrument, Person/Procedure, Environment 标准,零件,仪器,人/程序,环境(测量系统分析误差模型)
500 S/N Signal-to-Noise Ratio 信噪比
501 SAB Side Airbag - when crash occur, the air bag that set in the  outboard of driver seat is used to protect the trunk of occupant. 侧面安全气囊——靠门一侧安装的由传感器、微处理器、气体发生器和气囊等部件组成侧面安全气囊。
502 SAE Society of Automotive Engineers 汽车工程师协会
503 SAIC Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. Group 上海汽车工业(集团)总公司
504 SBR  Seat Belt Reminder 座椅安全带提醒装置
505 SC 1. Significant Characteristics - Any design characteristic for which reasonably anticipated variation is likely to significantly affect  customer satisfaction with a product such as its fit, function, mounting or  appearance, or the ability to process or build the product.
2. Special Characteristics
1. 重要特性——任何由于其可能的变化而显著地影响客户对产品的满意度,例如配合、功能、安装和外观、工艺能力和产品制造能力。
2. 特殊特性
506 SCA SCA Schucker 公司名称,SCA苏格,主要业务为涂胶系统
507 SCMS Supply Chain Management System 供应链管理系统
508 SCU Sunroof Control Unit 天窗控制单元
509 SDE Supplier Development Engineer 供应商开发工程师
510 SDK Software Development Kit - A system includes lots of softwares  and all of them are used to accomplish one aim. 软件开发工具包——一个包含了多个软件以完成一个特定的目标功能。
511 SDS Supplier Delivery System 供应商发运系统
512 SDT Simultaneous Development Team - Select members from different  funtional departments to implement project development  together. 同步开发小组——来自不同部门的成员组成的团队,来实施项目开发 。
513 SE Self Exinguishing 自行熄灭
514 SFCP Shop Floor Control Plan 工厂控制计划
515 SGM Shanghai General Motor - SGM is a joint venture established in  1997 by American GM   Auto and  SAIC. 上海通用汽车有限公司——上海通用是一家美国通用汽车和上汽于1997年共同投资兴建的汽车公司。
516 SIL Single Issues List 单一问题清单,最严重质量问题的最终汇总和整体状态的跟踪
517 SKD Semi Knocked Down 部分散件——国际贸易中,特别是在国际汽车贸易中,整车出口国的汽车公司把成品予以拆散,而以半成品或零部件的方式出口,再由进口厂商在所在国以自行装配方式完成整车成品并进行销售
518 SMART Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-oriented, Time-bound 具体的,可衡量,可达到的,以结果为导向的,有时间限定的(目标
519 SMC 1. SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Co.
2. SMC Corporation
1. 上海汽车股份有限公司乘用车分公司
2. 一家领先世界的电气元件生产制造商
520 SMED Single Minute Exchange of Die 快速换模;快速换产
521 SMRR Supplier Material Rejection Report 供应商物料拒收报告
522 SMS 1. Strategy Management System
2. Supplier Management Score
1. 战略管理系统
、2. 供应商管理评分
523 SMSO Supplier Material System Operation 供应商物料运作系统
524 SMT System Management Team 采购、工程、SQE联合工作小组
525 SMTC SAIC Motor Technical Center 上海汽车股份有限公司技术中心
526 SMTE Subject Matter Technical Expert 主题技术专家
527 SOP 1. Start of Production - Initiation of volume production to  support customer assembly operations; equal to Job 1.
2. Standard Operating Procedure
1. 生产开始(正式/批量)——支持客户总装作业的开始批量生产,等同于“工作1”。
2. 标准操作流程
528 SOR Statement of Requirement 合同要求
529 SOS Standardized Operation Sheets 标准作业单
530 SOW Statement of Work - Overall description of the services. SVW  names it as 工作指南——客户服务的完整描述,大众称为LH。
531 SPA Shipping Priority Audit 发运前检查
532 SPC 1. Special Processe Characteristic
   2. Statistical Process Control - The use of  statistical techniques such as control charts to analyze a process or its  outputs so as to take appropriate actions to achieve and maintain a state of  statistical control and to improve the process capability.
1.  过程特殊特性(如关键、主要、重要、重点)是这样一种产品特性:对合理预测的变差,会明显影响产品安全性或政府标准或法规的一致性,或者会显著影响顾客对产品的满意程度。
   2.  统计过程控制——运用统计技术诸如控制图分析一个过程或是其产出,而后采取行动以达到和维护统计控制状态和改进过程能力。
533 SPCC Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures 预防,控制和对策
534 SPPM Supplier PPM - The number of supplier parts be rejected per  million. 供应商拒收数 - 供应商零件每百万件被拒收的数量。
535 SPQRC Safety, People, Quality, Responsiveness, Cost 五大目标
536 SPR 1. Supplier Performance Rating 供应商业绩表现
537 SPSO Supplier Process Sign-off - A "Quality Systems and manufacturing 供应商过程签发——是我们在进行文件评估时对质量系统和制造准备
538 SQA 1. Supplier Quality Assurance 1. 供应商质量保证
539 SQC Statistical Quality Control 统计质量管理
540 SQE Supplier Quality Engineer 供应商质量工程师
541 SRR Systems Requirements Request 系统要求申请
542 SSO Product Safety Sign-Off 产品安全签发
543 SSOW Supplier Statement of Work - This document outlines the program 供应商工作指南——此文件概括了与指定项目的开发和生产相关的项
544 STO Seat Trim Outline Drawing 座椅轮阔图
545 SUV Sports Utility Vehicle 运动型多功能车
546 SV Supplier Visualization 供应链可视化系统
547 SVW Shanghai Volkswagen - SVW is a joint venture established in  19985 by  German Vlokswagen  and   SAIC. 上海大众汽车有限公司——上海大众是一家德国大众汽车和上汽于1985年共同投资兴建的汽车公司。
548 SW Steering Wheel 方向盘
549 TA 1. Technical Assessment Procedure for Potential Supplier
2. Tooling Authorization - Form used to approve  spending money for
1. 供应商技术评估
2. 工装授权 - 用于批准工装花费的表格。
550 TAKT Takt Time 生产节拍时间
551 TBD To Be Determined - It's used to espress the state of some  project in form. 待决定——在制作表格的时候经常用来表示某项工作所处的状态。
552 TCP/IP Transmission  Control Protocol/Internet Protocol - it is the  basic communication protocol of the internet. It can also be used as a communications protocol in a private network. 传输控制协议/互联网协议——互联网上基本的通讯协议,也可用作专用网的通讯协议。
553 TDI Toluene - 2, 4 - Diisocyanate 发泡化学原料
554 TDS Technical Data Sheet 技术数据表,包含产品的技术参数和性能的相关信息
555 TGR Things Go Right - Past success experience 运行情况良好——过去的成功经验
556 TGW Things Go Wrong - Past failure experience 运行情况不良——过去的失败经验
557 TIR Test Issues Resolution 试车/装车问题
558 TLTS Top Load Top Slider
559 TOC Theory of Constraints 限制理论
560 TOD Term of Delivery 交付期限,交付条件
561 TPM Total Productive Maintenance - A system to achieve zero  machine-related defects and zero machine breakdowns. 全员生产性维护——一种达到设备相关故障为零和设备失效为零的体系。
562 TPQ Threshold  Planning Quantity 计划的临界值
563 TQC Total Quality Control 全面质量控制
564 TQM Total Quality Management 全面质量管理
565 TR Team Rally - Team Rally is a yearly worldwide competition held  by Johnson Controls as well as a meeting where every team can demonstrate  their achievement and share their successful experience with others and is  awarded for their accomplishment. Our company holds such  a competition annually. 团队集会——团队集会是江森每年举行一次全球范围内的比赛,是各个团队表演其取得的成绩,与他人分享其经验并借此表彰团队所取得的成就的聚会。本公司每年度举行一次这样的比赛。
566 TRI Temporary Rework Instruction 临时返工指导书
567 TTF Time To Fire (for pre-tensioners, air bags, etc.) 点火时刻(用于预紧器,气囊等)
568 TV Total Variation 总变差
569 TVR Tool Verification Report 模具确认报告
570 TVS Tilt Vent Slider
571 UAI Use As It 可用
572 UCL Upper Control Limit 上控制限
573 ULP United States Logistic Platform 美国物流平台
574 UOM Unit of Measure 计量单位
575 UPC Universal Product Code  - Sort and number those import and export products or materials to meet the requirement of custom  management including taxation and report during the international commerce, 通用产品代码——指国际贸易中,为便于对不同货物的征税、统计等海关管理,对进出口货物、材料进行分类编码。
576 US Ultra Sound 超声(波)
577 USB Universal Serial Bus - It's a plug-and-play interface between a  computer and add-on devices (such as joysticks, keyboards, scanners, and  printers). With USB, a new device can be added to your computer without  having to add an adapter card or even having to turn the computer  off. 通用串行总线 -  一种计算机同外设(如音响,游戏杆,键盘,电话,扫描仪,打印机)之间的即插即用接口。使用USB,新的外设可直接连上电脑而无须使用适配卡,甚至无须关机。
578 USL 1. Upper Size Limit
2. Upper Specification Limit
579 UV Ultraviolet 紫外线
580 VA/VE Value Analysis/Value Engineering - Value analysis is a method  for analyzing a product or process in order to reduce costs. Structured  methodology used  to identify elements  of value and quantify the cost of providing that value. May be used to identify cost reduction  opportunities or to provide a framework for evaluating the values customers  place on products and services. Value Engineering is a planned, clean sheet  approach to problem solving, focusing on specific product design &  process characteristics. Value engineering is employed to maximize value prior  to expenditures of facilities 价值分析/价值工程——价值分析是为减少成本对产品或过程进行分析的一种方法。使用结构化的方法明确价值要素并且量化为提供该价值的成本。可能用于明确成本降低机会或提供评估框架,以评估客户的产品及服务中的价值。价值工程是一种有计划的解决问题的空白单方法,它集中于具体的产品设计和过程特性上。价值工程用于在设施和工装开支前使价值最大化。
581 VDA Verband Deutschen  Automobilindustrie 德国汽车工业联合会(德文)
582 VDA6.1 VDA6.1 German automotive quality system requirements. 德国汽车工业质量体系标准。
583 VDR Voltage Dependent Resistor 压敏电阻